Authentic Children
Raising empowered, happy, authentic children!

Child raising is an Art.

Don't teach your child what to think. Teach them how to think.

  • Prize
  • Encourage
  • Accept
  • Listen
  • give neutral feedback

Do not talk children out of their feelings!

Learn to empower your child.

Get your ego out of raising your child.

If you want an empowered, authentic child, stop molding and start nurturing. Your child is an an individual being with his or her own path, and guess what? You do not know what it is. Your job is to give that child the confidence to find his or her own truth.


Feelings are their roadmap.

Teach your children to pay attention to what they are feeling. These feelings can give them valuable information about who they are and what they truly think. Feelings are never wrong and should not be judged.

Children need to express themselves.

Always allow your child her or his opinion.